Akasa Air reveals new livery

Photo: Akasa Air Boeing 737 MAX8 Concept, credit: Akasa Air
Photo: Akasa Air Boeing 737 MAX8 Concept, credit: Akasa Air

LONDON – A brand new airline in the Indian subcontinent and regional market, Akasa Air has revealed its new livery.

Revealing The New Look

The new livery reveals how the airline will brand itself from now on. It is using the very modern use of the euro while rage, with its “Sunrise Orange”/”Passionate Purple” tail and its big A representing the airline’s brand identity.

The images have been shared by the airline’s Twitter account by using its recently allocated IATA code, QP, in the tweet:

Another tweet has shown the plane’s upcoming registration, which is VT-YAA. 

Awaiting take-off

The airline is slowly but surely getting ready for its launch day, as we’re seeing now with its many “big reveals” such as its brand reveal and logo, airline code, and now its livery. The airline has also started to hire employees. 

The big setback for Akasa Air, however, is that they have to wait for their permission to start operations; they are now waiting to receive its Air Operating Certificate, or AOC for short. When an airline has obtained its AOC, they are certified to start flying commercial operations with its planes.

The airline hoped to start operations in April, however as the plane is not delivered yet due to them not having received their AOC, they are unable to start soon. The airline’s Managing Director Vinay Dube commented:

“The airline recently reaffirmed its commitment of being on track to receive its first aircraft in India by mid-June and launch commercial operations in India by July 2022,”

Akasa Air is also expecting many more planes to come for a grand total of 72 Boeing 737 MAX, ordered last year at the Dubai Air Show. They are hoping their fleet would give it an operational advantage over other carriers, stating that:

“Providing the lowest seat-mile costs for a single-aisle airplane as well as high dispatch reliability and an enhanced passenger experience, the 737 Max is one of the strategic factors that will give Akasa Air a competitive edge in its dynamic home market.”

New rival

The arrival of Akasa Air is making the aviation industry a more competitive market share. They are not the only new airline to join the market, however. It has been in the making for a few months, but the relaunch of Jet Airways is a very interesting one. Jet Airways has been one of great interest, from the moment of its first inauguration to the second. 

Akasa Air has roots in the old Jet Airways, with its CEO being that of the old Jet. It is interesting to see how the addition of these 2 airlines is going to shape up the Indian national air market that will define how IndiGo, Air India, and the others will react to this.

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