AirExplore Acquires 3 Additional Boeing 737-800 Freighter Aircraft

An AirExplore Boeing 737-800 freighter aircraft.
Photo Credit: AirExplore

AirExplore, a leading Slovakian airline and member of Avia Solutions Group (the world’s largest ACMI provider), is expanding its cargo capabilities with additional Boeing 737-800 freighters.

The company recently received three 737-800 freighter aircraft, bringing its total fleet to 17. This growth allows AirExplore to dedicate eight aircraft to cargo operations alongside its nine passenger jets.

The new Boeing 737-800 Next Generation (NG) additions boast improved fuel efficiency for both passengers and cargo. This results in lower CO2 emissions and a reduced noise footprint.

The new freighter aircraft will be strategically deployed across European and Middle Eastern airports.

An AirExplore Boeing 737-800 freighter aircraft.
Photo Credit: AirExplore

The Rise in e-Commerce

“The rise of e-commerce has fueled the demand for air freight, making these freighters a significant milestone for AirExplore,” said Martin Stulajter, CEO of AirExplore.

“We anticipate older cargo aircraft being phased out in favor of more efficient models like our B737-800 NG series.”

Founded in 2010, AirExplore has become Slovakia’s largest airline, offering charter and ACMI services to a diverse clientele.

This cargo fleet expansion will empower leading global logistics companies to enhance their operations.

Supporting Peak Season Travel with Enter Air

To meet the surge in summer travel demand, AirExplore will wet-lease four Boeing 737-800 passenger aircraft to Enter Air. This will cover the period from May to October 2024.

AirExplore will be actively basing two of these leased aircraft in Katowice, Poland, with the other two stationed and ready to fly from Wroclaw and Poznan.

“We’re delighted to support Enter Air with the additional capacity they need during this exceptionally busy summer for charter operators,” commented Martin Stulajter.

Enter Air plans to utilize these leased aircraft for European holiday flights. This will cover the transport of passengers to popular destinations like Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Greece, and Spain.

“With the travel industry fully recovered, the demand for charter flights is surging,” said Andrzej Kobielski, Chief Commercial Officer at Enter Air.

“Expanding our fleet allows us to offer a wider range of exciting new destinations for travelers this summer.”

“We’re grateful to AirExplore for this partnership, which strengthens our ability to serve more customers during peak season.”

Established in 2009, Enter Air is Poland’s leading charter airline with a network of seven permanent operational bases throughout Europe.

AirExplore: A Premier Aviation Provider

AirExplore stands as Slovakia’s premier airline, specializing in both passenger and cargo transportation.

Their operate under an affiliation with Avia Solutions Group, a company renowned for its cutting-edge solutions and industry expertise. This partnership ensures AirExplore delivers unparalleled service quality.

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