airBaltic Business Class With A Twist: Flying Carpatair’s Fokker 100 from Berlin to Riga

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BERLIN & RIGA – In July, I booked a trip to Riga, to fly with the Carpatair F100, operated by airBaltic.

Flying Business Class is always a treat, but this was more than that. Flying a Fokker 100 in 2022 and sipping champagne upfront – it can’t get any better than this! Come join me on my trip from Berlin to Riga.

  • Details:
    • Airline: airBaltic / Carpatair
    • Flight number: BT212
    • Aircraft: Fokker 100
    • Seat: 1A
    • Route: BER-RIX
    • Date: 28.08.2022

Ground experience

I arrived at the airport at around 7 am, leaving some time to spend in the lounge for my 9 am departure. I didn’t check any bags, so I just grabbed my tickets and headed through security.

The ground staff, both at check-in and security, was very friendly and efficient.

After passing the security control, I headed to the lounge and was surprised to see the lounge closed.

The moment I arrived, the lounge got closed due to technical problems, though I think it was due to staffing shortages.

Anyways, I headed straight to my gate, saw my aircraft landing, and soon boarded my ride to Berlin. A Fokker 100 from Berlin to Riga.


We boarded the aircraft by bus. The promised priority boarding didn’t take place. I boarded the bus as the last person, which I tend to do when getting a bus gate, as you will be the first person out of the bus.

I soon made my way into the wonderful Fokker 100. I was greeted by two very friendly and committed flight attendants.

Within seconds of sitting Down, the flight attendant asked me if she should put my jacket into the wardrobe, offered me to store my backpack, and asked me for a welcome drink.

I’ve not even had that level of service on a long-haul business class flight! This felt truly like First Class. I accepted all her offers and was served orange juice within a matter of minutes.

As the crew came by to collect the empty glass, they handed me the menu for the flight and explained it to me, how kind!

Inflight experience

We soon roared down the runway and took off into the skies! Shortly after the seat belt signs were turned off, a flight attendant came to me to let me know that it’ll take approximately 10 minutes for my meal to be ready.

Within exactly 10 minutes, she came by and served my meal. There were no options, but that wasn’t a problem since the meal was great. The smoked duck appetizer was on point, I especially enjoyed the bit of fresh salad with it.

The main course, the quiche, was a bit tasteless, but nothing that can’t be fixed with some salt and pepper. I really enjoyed the dessert, which tasted great, as well as the warm bread offered.

I went with my standard drink choice on this flight and enjoyed some champagne and coke with my meal.

Soon after finishing my meal, the crew collected my tray and offered me some more drinks, which I didn’t need as we were already descending.

I had a little chat with the very friendly crew in the galley until the fasten seatbelt signs lit up, and I had to return to my seat.


The crew did their best to please all passengers as much as they could.

airBaltic once again showed how it can be done, I’m as always very impressed by their great service and their even better crews. Great job Carpatair/airBaltic!

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