Air France-KLM Yearly Economic Contribution Study

It's Been 20 Years Since Air France & KLM Merged
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The Air France-KLM Group has this week released a study showcasing their yearly economic contribution on its 20th anniversary.

This article will cover the highlights from the study that the Air France-KLM Group has released this week as part of its 20th anniversary.

Air France-KLM Economic Contributions

Photo Credit: Leaderofthewave., CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Showcasing its importance to both France and the Netherlands’ economies, the Air France-KLM Group has released a study. This study covers the details of the groups contributions to both countries, both monetary wise and jobs.

The study was carried out by Professor Herbert Castéran, Professor and Director of the Institut Mines Télécom Business School.

Alone, the group generates 1.9% of France’s GDP and 2.3% of the Dutch GDP. In terms of jobs, there is an estimated 552,570 in France and 267,996 in the Netherlands. In terms of the economy, for each job created in France is 11 jobs in the countries economy and 9.2 jobs in the Dutch economy.

This is over 820,000 jobs across both countries, which is equivalent to the population or Lyon in France and Eindhoven in the Netherlands. These figures include direct and indirect jobs for the group. Direct jobs in France are around 46,000 and around 26,000 in the Netherlands.

For the fiscal year 2023, the group generated a net income of €0.9 billion. This saw its total economic impact for France is €48.9 billion and €21.9 billion for the Netherlands. Or €723 per year per inhabitant in France and €1,228 per year per inhabitant in the Netherlands.

Aircraft Fleet Size

Photo Credit: Gameplayzz, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The group operates nine airlines, these are –

  • Air France
  • Air France Hop
  • KLM Asia
  • KLM Cargo
  • KLM Cityhopper
  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
  • Martinair
  • Transavia
  • Transavia France

Across these nine main airlines, the group has a total of 557 aircraft. This is broken down as follows –

  • 223 for Air France.
  • 35 for Air France Hop.
  • Eight for KLM Asia.
  • Three for KLM Cargo.
  • 65 for KLM Cityhopper.
  • 107 for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.
  • Four for Martinair.
  • 49 for Transavia.
  • 74 for Transavia France.

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