Air Charter Express & Aleutian Airways take delivery of SAAB 2000’s

A SAAB 2000 parked on the tarmac.
Photo Credit: Jetstream Aviation Capital

LONDON – Aircraft lessor Jetstream Aviation Capital (“JAC”), has successfully delivered SAAB 2000 aircraft to Milwaukee-based Air Charter Express, as well as Aleutian Airways from Anchorage, Alaska, back on October 28 of this year.

The Air Charter Express delivery

Air Charter Express is the passenger division of Milwaukee-based Freight Runners Express Inc., and recently took delivery of Serial 2000-032, a SAAB 2000 turboprop aircraft.

2000-032 contains a rich operating history, with its roots starting back in early 1996. Since its entry with Crossair, the airframe has served Lithuanian Airlines and Eastern Airways, where it was eventually removed from the fleet and sent to Jetstream Aviation Capital in late January of 2022. The airframe age is 26.8 years at the time of writing, according to data from

The SAAB 2000 will operate alongside Air Charter Express’/Freight Runner Express’ Embraer EMB-120 aircraft, currently operating in its passenger charter division which specializes in ad-hoc and contracted operations for the collegiate sports sector.

The company also utilize Embraer EMB-120 and Beech 99 aircraft on ad-hoc as well as long term contract operations for its cargo division. The ad-hoc and contract operations usually operate for third parties and a great number of major global cargo integrators.

The Aleutian Airways delivery

The lessor, Jetstream Aviation Capital, also announced a successful delivery of SAAB 2000-046, on October 28 of this year.

The airframe in question acts as the second of a multi-aircraft commitment that Aleutian Airways and Jetstream Aviation Capital.

2000-046 started off its career in Scandinavia with SAS Scandinavian Commuter in 1997, and has since maintained its history with Scandinavian aviation companies like Blue1, Braathens Regional and Malmö Aviation, before being sent to the USA in 2018. The aircraft is a 25.7-year-old workhorse at the time of writing, according to date from

The SAAB 2000’s delivered, will be used for the airline’s scheduled passenger flights across and within the state of Alaska. Aleutian Airways embarked with their flights from Anchorage, Alaska, to Dutch Harbor, on November 16.

About Jetstream Aviation Capital

Miami based aircraft lessor Jetstream Aviation Capital (“JAC”), is an aircraft lessor specializing in commercially operated regional turboprop aircraft and is the largest global owner of Saab 2000 and Saab 340 aircraft and associated spares and engines.

Jetstream’s portfolio of over 150 aircraft also includes ATR, Cessna, Embraer and Pilatus passenger and cargo aircraft.

The SAAB 2000

The SAAB 2000 is a Swedish produced, twin engine turboprop, manufactured by SAAB from 1992, to 1999. Created with the intent of offering a larger cabin to offer more passenger capacity, the SAAB 2000 is the successor to its shorter family member, the SAAB 340, which is still in great use across the world, with Australian carrier REX Regional having the plane as their backbone.

With a production period of seven years, 63 SAAB 2000’s were built, and they are still in commercial use to this day, and as of October 2022, 27 SAAB 2000s were recorded in both commercial and military service.


Two almost simultaneous deliveries of the same aircraft type, to two different operators, is by far great business for Jetstream Aviation Capital.

As a lessor specializing in these types of aircraft, the multi-aircraft deal with Aleutian Airways also means great connections with the airline, leading to the possibility of even more aircraft deliveries and orders at a later time.

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