A LATAM flight bursts into flames after landing

Rafael Luiz Canossa, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

LONDON – A LATAM flight has burst into flames in Peru’s capital Lima at the Jorge Chavez airport after one of its landing gears failed to engage.

The plane involved in the accident is one of many A320s the LATAM fleet has. In one of the videos, it is clearly visible how the wing of the plane rips apart after what appears to be the landing gear collapses into the wing and flame bursts out.

The A320 involved is a relatively young plane of only 5 years old with the registration CC-BHB. The type of plane is an A320-271N which took its first flight on November 16, 2017, which just happened 5 years and 2 days ago. The flight this plane was on was LA2213, which departs from Lima’s Jorge Chavez and is supposed to land at Juliaca airport in Peru. According to data from Flightradar24, the plane was just about to take off from Lima when the collision happened.

“LATAM plane has just collided with the ground when landing in Jorge Chavez. Airport security team put out the fire quickly but it is not yet known if there are any injuries,” one Twitter user covering the crash posted.

“It had a problem with the landing gear and skidded on the runway,” another wrote, adding that “all have been evacuated alive”.

Clarin reporter José María del Pino tweeted: “Consolidated information: LATAM Juliaca (Peru) – Lima flight collided with an airport truck when landing at the Jorge Chávez Airport in Lima. Security videos show that the plane was landing normally until the truck came across.”

Operations at the airport have been temporarily suspended.

LatAm Peru said: “We regret to confirm that the flight LA2213 that covered the Lima – Juliaca route, operated by LATAM Airlines Peru suffered an accident on the ground. There are no passengers or crew members deceased.”

Another passenger has shown footage of the plane after the fire has been put out while walking around the fuselage. Fire marks are clearly visible on the side of the aircraft.

This is a developing story…

UPDATE #1 @ 2217 UK Time – It is understood that two people are confirmed dead, with them both being the firefighters in the truck hit by the aircraft.

UPDATE #2 @ 2219 UK time – A photo has been taken by two passengers who have evacuated the aircraft safely.

UPDATE #3 @ 2221 UK time:

As per RadarBox.com, CC-BHB was the A320neo involved in the incident operating LPE2208 from Juliaca to Lima.

UPDATE #4 @ 2222 UK time – Below, you can find the statement from LATAM Peru on the incident:

UPDATE #5 @ 2223 UK time – An image has surfaced of the fire truck that was involved in the incident. Out of respect for the two firefighters who have lost their lives, we will not be showing this image.

UPDATE #6 @ 2225 UK time – Some clearer footage of the aircraft seen in flames whilst coming to a stop in Lima. Credits to the author.

UPDATE #7 @ 2228 UK time – Footage of the passengers evacuating the aircraft after it safely came to a stop has emerged. Credits to the author.

UPDATE #8 @ 2230 UK time – Video from Alerta News 24 shows the heavy damage sustained to the Airbus A320neo.

UPDATE #9 @ 2232 UK time – Someone on TikTok has posted a bit more of a clear video of passengers evacuating from the left-hand side of the aircraft.

UPDATE #10 @ 2234 UK time – Footage has been seen by AviationSource via a WhatsApp chat the full event of the incident occurring on camera.

UPDATE #11 @ 2237 UK time – @JacdecNew has visualized the sequence of the incident that took place on the runway.

UPDATE #12 @ 2301 UK time – The photo below from @aviationbrk shows the angle that the aircraft is currently sitting at following the loss of its right-hand engine upon collision with the firetruck.

UPDATE #13 @ 0925 UK time – The airport has remained closed overnight, with over 400 flights canceled so far. No indication yet of when the airport will be reopening.

UPDATE #14 @ 1208 UK time – A video from inside the cabin shows the moment of impact with the firetruck at Lima yesterday.

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