A Case Study Into Air Canada Losing Items & Terrible Customer Service

Photo Credit: Kyle Hayes/AviationSource

LONDON – A passenger who used Air Canada has approached AviationSource and has given some insight into the carrier losing items and providing terrible customer service during the ordeal.

This has been an ordeal that has gone on for over two months at the moment, with Air Canada not yet resolving this.

AviationSource has been given the case number and has approached Air Canada for a comment on the particular matter.

Meet Bobby…

Bobby McDonald is the passenger in question who has received this inadequate service from Air Canada. This is his story, in his own words:

“On the 15/08/2022, I returned from a long haul flight from Canada – in between connecting flights, I got my stroller, and it was re-loaded to my final flight from Calgary to London.

On arrival in London, I had my 3-year-old and my 1-year-old, and I waited at that gate for my stroller for 15 minutes – I was then told by a staff member of Air Canada (thinking nothing of it, I never got names) that my stroller would be coming off with carousel with my luggage.

To my delight, my 3 cases were the first of the carousel, but no stroller.

We waited around 20 minutes until every suitcase was off, but no sign of our stroller; I went to the help desk and was told there were different carousels for strollers and items of this type. A few items came off in the 15/20 minutes we waited, but nothing.

I went to the help desk to try and find out where my stroller was – we were starting to panic as we had our final flight leaving in 1 hour – we were in terminal 3 and had to make the long trip to terminal 5 – with 3 cases, baby bags, and 2 small children.

The stroller was essential.

After a very difficult conversation (unfortunately, the staff on duty had the worst communication skills I’ve witnessed).

We were finally told that our stroller was at the gate and not coming off the carousel – as wrongly advised.

I told them about our situation and the difficult journey to T5 for our final flight (as I was through security, I couldn’t run back to the gate). I asked if someone could retrieve the stroller and help with our already stressful situation.

I was told No (with literally no explanation). I was told that it could take up to another 30 minutes for the stroller to come off the carousel – this wasn’t an option, as I would miss my flight. 

I was handed a paper form and told that I could get my stroller sent to me, and I had to deal with the situation of getting to T5 myself. What doesn’t break us makes us stronger.

A few days passed, and after the jet lag, I got onto completing the form to get my stroller back – this has happened before with BA and I’ve got it in 48 hours.

I assumed an airline like Air Canada would be similar. I completed the form and was told someone would be in touch.

However, I still have a toddler at home in need of a stroller. A few weeks went passed I tried to contact Air Canada via phone (impossible) – I emailed a few addresses I found online (they don’t seem to have a customer services email). So I took to Twitter, and I received an instant reply.

I explained the situation, and the lack of compassion was quite bemusing – after a lot of back and forth finished with my frustration, I was told to complete the paperwork online.

I had no choice, and I did this (1 month ago) – No response, No Stroller, and No care from Air Canada.

The good news is after 2/3months of carrying my 1-year-old around, he has started to walk slightly, so my biceps aren’t quite as sore.

I understand the mix-up at the airport; these things happen.

We are all human – it is the lack of care & compassion and the lack of experience or training from on-duty staff to understand customers’ concerns and specific situations that frustrates me – coupled with the terrible customer service that followed.

As I said, a shambles of an airline that I will avoid at every opportunity. I must add we also paid extra on these flights to fly economy plus as my wife was really stressed about the length of time to fly and wanted to make the journey as stress-free as possible.

What a waste of money.”

At the time of publishing, Air Canada has not given us a statement. We await their reply.

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